seam hiding with KS 1.6

Re: seam hiding with KS 1.6

Postby pjr » 24 Sep 2017, 09:01


That's pretty much where I left off testing/tuning; I left the depth and gap set to 0.8/0.2, turned on Join-Loop and started printing.

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Re: seam hiding with KS 1.6

Postby -=Spike=- » 28 Sep 2017, 09:45

I also want to print only, but the results forced me to test.
I am used to the fact that when values are changed, at least one tendency can be seen.
So I test some more rounds. It would be something sobering that no better result
should be achieved.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, or my expectations are some way off.

Maybe someone is so kind and prints the tuning part (0.2 scaling in Z, 200m Layer, 3.5 Perim, Loop1> Perim, 0.6 Skin, 10% rounded infill) with hers/his settings
and insert some pics

om_nom.jpg (82.81 KiB) Viewed 2244 times
bench.jpg (84.3 KiB) Viewed 2244 times
bench2.jpg (57.29 KiB) Viewed 2244 times

seam_ano2.jpg (78.2 KiB) Viewed 2244 times
seam_ano3.jpg (81.19 KiB) Viewed 2244 times
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Re: seam hiding with KS 1.6

Postby LaPointe » 29 Sep 2017, 00:33

I have to admit that I don't see a lot of changes too when I play with those parameters (even if I can see that the path is modified in KISS).
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Re: seam hiding with KS 1.6

Postby megablue » 01 Oct 2017, 02:46

I am using 1.6.1.

How do I actually align the seams?

I tried changing the angle with and without the corners enabled. Jitter is 0, however KISS still tried to place the seams elsewhere sometimes...
it is getting very annoying.
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Re: seam hiding with KS 1.6

Postby mhackney » 06 Oct 2017, 11:40

You might check out my tutorial: Getting Loopy. It will address the questions you asked and probably a few you haven't!

One comment, once you've sliced I strongly advocate looking at the g-code preview to see how parameter changes change things.
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