PIRX Documentation/Tutorial

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PIRX Documentation/Tutorial

Post by cadrjr »

I've been given an original PIRX 3D printer.
It looks as if it was never used a lot....

I am completely new to 3D printing and I would just love to try this old device out.

I got no software or documentation with this unit.
Can anyone help me to get some documentation on this now-obsolete device (the company has vanished at this stage) ?
A tutorial document would be great.....

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Re: PIRX Documentation/Tutorial

Post by percar »

there are a bunch of videos out there as tutorials on Kisslicer
Here is a search link you can go through and have a look at them
https://www.bing.com/search?q=kisslicer ... A1&PC=ASTS
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Re: PIRX Documentation/Tutorial

Post by Mykal »

What happened to the rest of Michael Hackney’s tutorial series? I have not seen any recent posts from him. Is this slicer still actively being developed? This forum seems pretty dead in terms of activity.
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Re: PIRX Documentation/Tutorial

Post by Cthutq »

The slicer is no longer updated, the author is not responding to requests.
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Re: PIRX Documentation/Tutorial

Post by BeNe »

There is a new release available --> viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4854
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