retractions that only retract but then doesnt prime

retractions that only retract but then doesnt prime

Postby Tinchus2009 » 03 Jan 2019, 09:19

Im haveing a really weird Issue. Look at layer 5 in the atached GCODE generated by kisslicer (I have atached config too) In that layer, I noticed the printer stoped extrudeing. Then I noticed the filament was all the way out of the feeder. I realoaded hpeong to not loose the print. But was then that I noticed that retraction were made but then the filament was not beedn feed again. Mechanical Issue? no, because the printing continue ok from layer 6, and retractions from there were ok.
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Re: retractions that only retract but then doesnt prime

Postby pjr » 03 Jan 2019, 10:57

I just quickly scanned your layer 5 (Z=1.050) and didn't see anything bad there.

All "Destring Sucks" appear to have a "Destring Prime" and the filament seems to be constantly advancing.


Code: Select all
G1 X125.722 Y129.77 E172.33084
; 'Destring/Wipe/Jump Path', 0.0 [feed mm/s], 59.0 [head mm/s]
; 'Destring Suck'
G1 E166.33084 F1800
; head speed 59.000000, filament speed 0.000000, preload 0.000000
G1 X125.722 Y129.77 Z2.0502 E166.33084 F300
; 'Loop Path', 1.6 [feed mm/s], 47.1 [head mm/s]
G1 X178.504 Y117.499 E166.33084 F12000
G1 X178.504 Y117.499 Z1.0502 E166.33084 F300
; 'Destring Prime'
G1 E172.33084 F1800
; head speed 47.149998, filament speed 1.570536, preload 0.000000

Although I did note you have a retraction of 6mm and that "Preload" is set to zero. Some extruders can have occasional issues with too much retraction.

Any more clues?

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Re: retractions that only retract but then doesnt prime

Postby sinned6915 » 21 Jan 2019, 19:33

I have had similar issues. I posted them here, never got any resolution. Here is a short video of what I saw.
I called it dwell as the filament just hovered in the same position.
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