Error message "Failed to save profile"

Error message "Failed to save profile"

Postby altarke » 19 Dec 2018, 06:29

I am getting this error message when clicking on the save button saying: "Failed to save ?profile name?" Please check file permissions and make sure the name has no illegal characters.

I went in and assured that i will have all read and write permissions, yet I still get theis error and the profiles of slicing are not getting updated!

Can anyone help?
Using win 7 and Kiss ver 1.6.3 from Jul 7 2018

Heavily modded Rostock MAX V1, E3D V5 Hotend, Ultimaker Original with E3D V6
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Re: Error message "Failed to save profile"

Postby Alobamar » 22 Jan 2019, 20:02

I have exactly the same error as the OP except on a Mac running Sierra OS I get a failed to save XXXXX.ini for each Profile.

I too have checked all the permisisons and filenames and they are all OK.

This pretty much prevents me trying Kisslicer which is a shame :( as a friend uses it in prefeence to S3d and Cura and it produces great prints.

Hopefully Admin or Devs will eventaully read this and find a solution.
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