KISSlicer 2.0 Alpha Feature Requests

Re: KISSlicer 2.0 Alpha Feature Requests

Postby Cthutq » 03 Apr 2019, 06:04

harrygeier wrote:
Cthutq wrote:I want a brighter and more colorful picture with a visible gradation of colors after slicing. Now I do not understand what happened, very sluggish slurred picture. Cura and S3D are an example of how the picture should look after slicing.

I think we all would wish that. As much as i would like, i must confess that a slicer is a mainly to produce hard output and for me the result in plastic counts more than the visual representation. Having a few more options as have been requested by many, is more worth than a nice display on screen which can mean a lot of work involved .

I agree
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Re: KISSlicer 2.0 Alpha Feature Requests

Postby ruffle » 17 May 2019, 02:27

Been mentioned elsewhere, but just to get it mentioned in the right place.

Can KS print the skirt *before* the support base.
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