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Prusa XL Single profiles

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Please note that these profiles have been created using the latest release firmware but using Beta hardware.

Although the profiles have been tested and work well for me, please use them with care and understand that they are supplied for use at your own risk.

IMPORTANT NOTE: In order for these profiles to work, you will need to download and use the very latest version of Kisslicer (currently 23/03) which will be released in the next few days. DO NOT attempt to use these profiles with Kisslicer version 22.11 or earlier.

The Prusa XL firmware correctly implements arcs (G2/G3) and these profiles are set to use arcs whenever possible. The Kisslicer arc generation works very well and allows models created using simple design software (i.e. Tinkercad) to be printed with smooth cylinders, rather than faceted sides.

Kisslicer Prusa XL Beta
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