KISSlicer 1.6 Beta Feature Requests

Re: KISSlicer 1.6 Beta Feature Requests

Postby hacker » 27 Sep 2017, 08:20

pjr wrote:
hacker wrote:
layerone wrote:So how was Flow Gain functionally different from the new Support / Object Interface Width? Printing with it now using 80% of my Extrusion Width (normally used 80% gain).

I think it doesn't work like that now, it needs to be multiples of extrusion width, IIRC (otherwise it's made multiple of extrusion width)… But let's hope someone will correct me.

Humm, this is getting confusing. I thought Stride, Width and 1st Width were all in mm - the latter certainly is (according to tooltip). Stride may have to be a multiple of width, but not sure...


I think I have a hope of being mistaken — — I meant this post, but it says interface gets special treatment, which is good to know.
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Re: KISSlicer 1.6 Beta Feature Requests

Postby inventabuild » 29 Sep 2017, 23:30

Please add tool path + extruder color for user's custom Printer G-code.
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Re: KISSlicer 1.6 Beta Feature Requests

Postby Ronin » 23 Dec 2017, 07:37

Please add an ability to define infill layer height in Stepover mode.
Before this new feature, I use Stacked layers to reduce printing time. But with Steoover feature (variable layer height), infill and support are produced on each layer. It will be great to have "Infill layer height" parameter, to make Stacked layers working again

Also, it will be great to have "Retract on the end of print" option
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