KISSlicer v2 rc3.1.6 / New UI (07.03.2021)

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Re: KISSlicer v2 rc3.1.6 / New UI (07.03.2021)

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Sorry for my English. Performed more than 10 printing to set up a profile with a new version. Kisslicer_win_v2rc3.1.6 in the old version everything was convenient and compact, now everything is smeared. Yesterday I was looking for a 6-minute item "Loop / Solid Infill Overlap", today 4. Try to find this item yourself, it's a labyrinth.
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Re: KISSlicer v2 rc3.1.6 / New UI (07.03.2021)

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Well, it´ös a releas candidate, so let´s just be more specific so he can adjust to the needs of the users. I understand that the well known UI looked somewhat oldstyle, but i know Slicers with a beautiful UI which produce miserable results.
Tell the Problems and hope they get fixed.

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