Kisslicer pro version - dual extruder features

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Kisslicer pro version - dual extruder features

Postby bman2000 » 23 Sep 2018, 09:01


I am looking for any information on how the dual version (pro) works in kisslicer. I am mainly interested in the ability to use my second nozzle to use soluble support material only where the support touch the print.

I have looked on the internet and youtube for any information showing this ability but have not found anything. The free version does not support dual extruders so it is of no help. There appears to be no full feature trial so I am stick to asking on the forum.

I would appreciate any video, manula etc that can tell me how well and what features are available if I upgrade.

Thank you
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Re: Kisslicer pro version - dual extruder features

Postby pjr » 23 Sep 2018, 11:28

Not sure if it's disabled or hidden, but on the Profile Settings/Ext Map tab, you have a section: "Default Extruder Mapping", with extruder selection for 4 parts of the model:

Default Object Ext
Raft Ext
Interface Ext
Support Ext

In your case, if you are using Extruder 1 for the main filament and Extruder 2 for soluble, you would set all to Extruder 1 except for "Interface Ext" which would be set to Extruder 2.

You would then only have two or three interface layers (dependant on Profile Settings/Support tab Interface settings) printed in soluble between bed/raft/supports and the model.

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