Dinamic infill feature

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Dinamic infill feature

Postby Tinchus2009 » 21 Jul 2018, 17:59

Hi all!
More questions from me , sorry :(
Im experimenting now with the dinamic infil feature but i dont really get it or maybe I found a bug?
I have a model wich for example I want to have half down X amount of infill and half up, lets say 100% infill
So I creat a an image, a rectangule, being the same height as the mdel and I paint half of it in white and half all black
I assign that image to the model, I set dinamic as infill method.
These are my observations/problems:

1.- I get a message saying that the black color will make the model to get 50% infill, and white will get the % of specified infill. Following this rule I can set a 100% infill area for the model, but, I dont want the other half to have 50%, what if I want less or more than 50%
2.- I though that may be if I set a gray scale I would solve problem 1. I didnt, grayscale is just not recognized..?
3.- I read somewhere in the forum that dinamic infill puts more infill near the loops. But that is not what Im observeing

Can someone give an explanation of how dinamic infill works? and what about the "3d scan profile" what is it for?

Thanks in advance.
Also, if it is ok, Im documenteing all Im learning to produce a PDF manual
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