3D Labprint slicing

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3D Labprint slicing

Postby Infomed » 06 Apr 2018, 07:40


I'm trying to slice an STL file from 3D Labprint so I can build a model airplane.

It slices fine but the file has inner structural parts that do not slice. Is there anyway I can get the structural parts to slice and therefore print?
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Re: 3D Labprint slicing

Postby pjr » 06 Apr 2018, 09:05

KISS must be able to understand the model in order to slice it as you require.

Basically, KISS looks for the outside surfaces of the model, and anything inside those surfaces are treated as being either "void" or inside (there's a message when the STL is loaded).

Have a look at the 3 x 24mm cubes in the attached file:

They all have 2mm thick walls; one has a 2mm thick shelf half way up the model - this is not understood by the slicer. However, as soon as you put a small hole through the middle of the model (in my test case, a 2mm diameter hole), the inside now becomes an outside surface and the model is sliced correctly.

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