How i can caluclate mm^3?

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How i can caluclate mm^3?

Postby alil2096 » 14 Feb 2018, 06:01

Hi guys, how I can calculate the mm^3?

Because KS return automatically the value, but which is the equation?

Thanks ;)
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Re: How i can caluclate mm^3?

Postby EddyMI3D » 15 Feb 2018, 03:12

Usually mm x mm x mm
Ok, I assume you want to have the length of the filament.

The surface of a 1.75 mm filament is (1.75mm/2)^2*pi = 2.4 mm^2 (approx)
The surface of a 3.00 mm filament is (3.00mm/2)^2*pi = 7.1 mm^2 (approx)
Measure the real diameter of your filament

Or just: diameter[mm]/2 x diameter[mm]/2 x 3.1415

Then divide the given volume from KS by the calculated value.

E.g.: 710 mm^3 / 7.1 mm^2 = 100 mm

So you need 100 mm of 3 mm filament
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Re: How i can caluclate mm^3?

Postby alil2096 » 15 Feb 2018, 03:26

No, i want to calculate the mm^3 in printing..

When you make a slice, in the settings's window, you can see the speed in mm/s and mm^3/s..I want to calculate the mm^3/s ;)
In a hurry I had explained yself badly, I missed a "/s", I'm sorry :D
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Re: How i can caluclate mm^3?

Postby pjr » 20 Mar 2018, 09:32

For a 1.75mm filament...

Each 1mm of filament is (as Eddy states), 2.4mm^3, so if you extrude 1mm of filament every second, you are extruding 2.4mm^3/s

An E3D hot end will cope with around 10mm^3/sec, so about 4 linear mm of filament/sec (10/2.4 = 4.167mm).

If you want to calculate based on print speed, layer width and layer height, then you simply multiply the layer width, height and speed to derive the mm^3/s value:


Printing at 0.4mm width, 0.2mm layer height at 50mm/sec, you get 0.4 x 0.2 x 50 = 4mm^3/s (or 4/2.4 = 1.67 linear mm/second of filament).

OK, it may not be quite that simple, but it works for me!

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