Pause at a specific Z height

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Pause at a specific Z height

Postby RichWP » 14 Dec 2017, 19:40


I see in version notes for 1.6:


There is now a preheat function (saves time when using more than one extruder)
Pause-and-Resume G-code can be triggered either at the top of Void sub-objects, or at specific user-entered Z heights

How/where do I enter the 'specific user-entered Z height'?

Am I interpreting this feature correctly? That is, can use this to pause your print at a given Z height - [change filament, etc.] - then resume the print?

Thanks in adavance for any help.
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Re: Pause at a specific Z height

Postby pjr » 20 Mar 2018, 09:48

I think you are reading it correctly, but it's not a feature I remember seeing...

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