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Re: Going with the Flow

Postby mjf55 » 20 Jan 2018, 23:33

First I want to thank lonesock and the whole collaboration team on producing a really kool product. I really like KISSlicer and want it to be my standard slicer.
I have a HE3D K200 delta printer. I am running he wizzards to calibrate it. I have corrected my extruder E-steps, leveled my bed and also calibrated the extruder temperature for my PLA that I am using.
I tried the Flow calibration and that is where I run in problems. When I print the Flow test using 10 mm^3/s to 1 mm^3/s I get a similar result to what user nuggetz showed in this thread ( viewtopic.php?f=23&t=2066&start=0#p5917 ).
It has an awful gap thru most of it. When I look at the resulting slice in KS, This is what I see:

Looks OK. But when loaded inte repetier host, it looks like this:
FlowWizard_RepitierHost.JPG (48.47 KiB) Viewed 1194 times

The open areas match the problems areas in the print.

So, can anyone explain why the gcode produces the area that is missing and also why the result in KS does not show it.

Thanks for any insight. If I should open a seperate thread, please let me know.

And again, Thank you for a great slicer.
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Re: Going with the Flow

Postby mhackney » 21 Jan 2018, 09:57

I've never tried looking at tuning wizard g-code in another viewer but I just replicated your model and slice and opened in Repetier and I do not see this large gap at all. I'll do a little more experimentation. However, what you show does approximate what KISS should be doing with tuning your flow rate from 10mm^3/s down to 1mm^3/s and printing this g-code and measuring where the height to where the seam line is "good" and entering that in the wizard Best Z will give you a good, calibrated flow rate.
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Re: Going with the Flow

Postby mjf55 » 21 Jan 2018, 12:50

Michael, thanks for the response. I did another one, 5 -> 0.1 mm^3/s and the best flow was about 1.7 mm^/s. Using that as a guide on the Style page, where on the right side the layer type (Perim, Loops, Solid, Sparse) has speeds mapped to flow rate, it says that I should not exceed 20 mm/s in order to keep below the flow rate of 1.7 mm^3/s. Seems very slow for my delta printer. I get very good prints using much higher speeds. I have a couple of questions ( well really a lot, but I'll keep it to a couple /few) and a request.
    What is the calculation between flow rate to feed rate?
    Why the gaps in the model?
I found a gcode analyzer at gcode.ws. Here is the output of the speed during the test, Shown is layer 3, the first later of the wall. Notice the rainbow of colors on the bottom. Acceleration to the top speed for 5 mm^3/s? Also notice the large fat red section. I think that is coasting or moving with extrusion. Not sure.
gcode.ws , Flow wizzard, 5->0.1 mm^3/s , 2d rendering , 3rd layer ( just wall)
FlowRate-Speed-Gcode_ws-2D.JPG (99.74 KiB) Viewed 1190 times

Just for giggles, I looked at the 3d representation at this site. Shows same gap.
gcode.ws , Flow wizzard, 5->0.1 mm^3/s , 3d rendering
FlowRate-Gcode_ws-3D.JPG (88.31 KiB) Viewed 1190 times

Interesting note. gcode analysis ( here and repetier host) show straight seam on right, but in real life, the striaght side is on the left.

Now the request: Michael, please do your tutorial on Flow rate.

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