KISSLicer caught traingle mesh problems, what do I do about

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KISSLicer caught traingle mesh problems, what do I do about

Postby AnotherRndm3DPrinter » 29 Oct 2017, 13:38

n00b here. FYI the board logins are all in plaintext, so they are completely insecure.

I modified a thing from Thingiverse in Sketchup, and somehow I screwed it up. Slic3r barfed in a way that didn't help me figure out what I did wrong, so I figured I'd see what KISSlicer would do. Well, KISSlicer found the errors, and highlighted them for me. What can I do about them? I don't see anything in KISSlicer to fix them, and searching for the error message didn't find any pages, even when I forced DuckDuckGo to search this forum. Forum search didn't turn up anything relevant.

To the naked eye in Sketchup and KISSLicer, the thing looks fine. I have some green and orange errors.

Should I upload pics, the thing, the Sketchup file, or is there a general guide on how to fix this sort of thing?
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Re: KISSLicer caught traingle mesh problems, what do I do ab

Postby pjr » 29 Oct 2017, 13:56

There are a few fix programs: Netfabb (basic), Meshmixer, (my favourite) and a few others.

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