Cura for BfB printers

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Cura for BfB printers

Post by Anar » 18 Sep 2015, 16:12

I know this is a Kisslicer forum but I post here because a discussion was started at KS refugee camp on which we can't post anymore (!topic ... K8mDJ7h8Tc).
And because on KS refugee camp it says "This forum is moved to another site:"... So I post it here.

Just being curious, today I have tried Cura (V 15.04) for my old BfB Rapman 3.1 and managed to have a quiet decent gcode file.
But to have a similar Extruder RPM as in KS I had to use a Flow% value of 3725% !!!

Anyone else successfully tried Cura with a Rapman ?
If yes, how did you manage to have a good extruder speed (Flow rate) ?

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