Bootloader message

Bootloader message

Postby Deep_Orange » 28 Oct 2015, 23:24

Hi, I couldn't find anywhere else I could ask about the reliable old 3D Touch dinosaur!

So hopefully somebody here can help.

My 3d Touch will not boot up at all.
When I power up, pushing the button does nothing. But if I hold the button down for 6 or 7 seconds it opens up the bootloader screen with the message:

The only reference I could find in the old BFB blog archive was this: ... clnk&gl=au

But the problem is not the button.

Sometimes, if I leave it powered up, but not push the button to boot and leave it for an hour or so, it will then boot up. :?: :?: :?:

And sometimes I am getting a message:
TEMP: 131C

But no further problems.

Has anybody got any ideas?
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Re: Bootloader message

Postby PenskeGuy » 03 Nov 2015, 00:27

I'd recommend going to the BfB archives and getting a copy of 5.4.1, then follow the instructions to re-flash the existing firmware onto the chip. May have been corrupted by a static discharge. ... 3dprinting
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