BFB 3000 DUAL extruder conversion

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BFB 3000 DUAL extruder conversion

Post by Saif » 18 Aug 2019, 07:50

Hi all,
Since my last post didn't receive any replies and all my trial and error to locate the source of the problem drew a blank, i am considering replacing the electronics of my BFB 3000 DUAL extruder.
Is there anyone who has successfully done this? If so, is it possible to guide me in a step by step detailed format so I can carry out this conversion?
I have recieved a lot of help from the openbfb google group, and have done a little research about marlin firmware and some electronic replacements. But nothing for sure.
I am skeptical about starting with this conversion due to my incompetence in this field. I will be consulting someone who has knowledge of electronics in 3d printing while I take this path.

Thanks and regards.

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