HeatBed for CubeX

Re: HeatBed for CubeX

Postby Giovanni V. » 06 May 2016, 05:18

jaydie wrote:I also have a normally closed switch that will open the circuit when printing is done to cool off the bed. I just placed it under the bed since the bed usually goes all the way down when done printing. The problem with this is that the bed will only go down when it finish printing but not when an error like for example filament failure and therefor the heat bed won't turn off. For now I am not doing any un attended printing with my set up.

If you look at the photo you will see how it was implemented and I know the thermal fused I put is a little or no help at all, I should attache it to the bed it self and will on my next revision.

for the print jet cleaner I use a switch with 2 delayed relays , the first relay is set at about 4 minutes, if the printer head stay on the cleaner for more than this time ( end of print or failure during print) the cleaner is turned off, the second relay wait for 5 seconds before giving the order to shoot the extruded plastic, to make the extruded plastic a little harder.
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Re: HeatBed for CubeX

Postby Rnrl25 » 06 Sep 2017, 18:43

I bought the heated print bed for the cubex and the settings got messed up on the heater. Can someone please post the settings? My heater is flashing or al
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Re: HeatBed for CubeX

Postby manymaniyaa » 15 Mar 2019, 08:49

jaydie wrote:I roughly upgrade my Cubex DUO with a heat bed. I say roughly because it is half done, it works but does not look nice well i am still experimenting with it. Here's my rough schematic how it looks like. Yes now I can print ABS with less problem with warping, down fall of this heat bed upgrade for me is I have lost bed capacity. PhenQ | https://phenq-reviews.com

How you over come those with UN conditional things
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