Cubex Print issue

Cubex Print issue

Postby natholego11 » 09 Mar 2018, 10:41

Hello All,
I am fairly new to the 3d printing world, at least in owning my own, I have worked on and with projet's, objet's, and the like for many years. but I came across a pretty good deal on a brand new unopened cubex. so I have had it now for about 8 months and have been having moderate success with it. but have been really trying to get the settings tuned in.

so I ran the calibration wall and they looked... ok I guess, but shortly afterwards I ran the calibration cube, twice (and by twice I mean I ran it once, took it off and ran the exact same print again. not I ran the same model twice on the same print)
here were the results:





As you can see there is one part that consistently doesn't turn out well. so I left it for a few weeks and didn't try anything, then I printed a decently large cylinder for another project and had similar results.

Then last night I printed some dies for my Bead roller before I machine the right ones. and here is how they turned out. again there is this consistent "lack" of material in the same movement on the X and Y axis. it occurs both inside and outside the part:





Has anybody else seen this before?
any thoughts on what it might be?
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Re: Cubex Print issue

Postby rantzaus » 13 Mar 2018, 05:26

Hey there and welcome

Have you done any modification on your printer?

Is everything still from stock?

I looks like you have problems with your flow. Have you tuned in your M227 and M228 settings?
These are your prime and suck setting when finishing and starting a path.

What temperatures are you printing at?

I have done a lot of modifications on mine 2 cubeX and they are printing fairly OK and constant.
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