Forum Spam

Forum Spam

Postby pjr » 20 Aug 2018, 14:56

Hi Guys

Some of you may have noticed that the forum has been plagued by spammers recently.

I have to apologise for this; I am doing what I can to remove the nonsense.

It seems that the spammers are creating new accounts a few days before posting, so I am trying to preempt the posts by banning new users who appear to be potential spammers before they post. It may be that I get it wrong on occasion so apologies, if you are a genuine new user, please make a single post in the introductions section here: viewforum.php?f=24 , mentioning which printer(s) you own and your preferred filament manufacturer so I know who you are.

And if you see any spam, please do not press the "Report" button; it just gives me more to do! I will try to clean things up within a few hours.

Thanks for your understanding.

Please note: I do not have any affiliation with KISSlicer. Any advices given are offered in good faith. It is your responsibility to ensure that by following my advice you do not suffer or cause injury, damage or loss.
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