PreloadVE causes varying velocities on overhangs

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PreloadVE causes varying velocities on overhangs

Post by McNugget6750 » 03 Feb 2021, 19:49

On my printer, a constant speed when printing overhangs has proven to be beneficial for surface quality. I never really had an issue with overhangs until I calibrated PreloadVE and Seams to "perfection" for the standard KisSlicer calibrations block.
Here, you can see a barely visible seam (which actually looks even a bit better in a later print) and perfect vertical lines. Apart from a bit of remaining stringing (printing 1.75mm PET-G) this is as good as my old Malyan M180 can print.
Unfortunately, I have massive problems with real life prints as the print velocity is dramatically varied when printing overhangs like on the hull of this Benchy. My print head constantly goes faster and slower when printing those perimeters and is essentially singing along while printing.
I cannot find a setting that would deactivate this. It's certainly not the end of the perimeter and therefore the change in extruder pressure is not needed! The reduction in extruder pressure is only needed when starting and ending a line.
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