"Also On Top" Support Function is not correct

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"Also On Top" Support Function is not correct

Post by newfoundbytes » 10 Jan 2021, 11:59


In the current stable version as well as the V2 Alpha, the feature "also on top" within the Support tab is not correctly implemented. I have attached a screenshot illustrating the problem with this feature. In this screenshot I have the gcode visualized within KISSlicer as well as the numerical code supporting my claim.

What is happening is the "top interface" path is offset downward the [Zgap] amount, or in this case, .18mm for some reason. Instead, this Zgap needs to be offset outside of the STL mesh.

My question is: If KISSlicer can recognize when to put interface on top of the part, why does it not offset the gap correctly?

Let me know if I am correct in this assumption or if others have experienced similar. Maybe this is by design? Either way, for single material prints, it is problematic to embed a filament path within the model when the idea is to remove when the print is done.

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