No de-string with 1.5 and 1.6

No de-string with 1.5 and 1.6

Postby duaneh » 10 Feb 2018, 16:59

I've previously reported this with a heading about not paying attention to the prime value, but haven't seen any responses. After doing some considerable digging, including downloading and executing the Cubitmod source, here are the issues I find (using Cubitmod 4 and 6):
Cubitmod is looking for a line with "use de-string" in the Style Settings block, which isn't output by KS. I have gone through every menu, and cannot find any setting that will cause this to be output. The lack of this line is causing CubitMod to output the line "M227 OFF".
The values for M227 that should be used for de-string are being output by KS as "S8889 P8889", which are totally bogus numbers. looking at the output from a KS 1.4 build shows "M227 P163 S163. Incidentally, these work.
The old version outputs these lines within the Extruder definition:
; destring_suck = 0.22
; destring_prime = 0.021
; destring_min_mm = 1
; destring_trigger_mm = 0
; destring_speed_mm_per_s = 100

while the new 1.6 KS outputs this:
; destring_length = 3
; preload_factor = 0
; matl_viscosity_over_elasticity_us = 10
; destring_min_mm = 1
; destring_trigger_mm = 0.001
; preload_speed_mm_per_s = 25
; destring_speed_mm_per_s = 2

I see 2 issues here: 1 is that the labels for the values do not match the strings that CubitMod is looking for, and 2, the de-string values are intermingled with other, non-related, values. I don't know if CubitMod could extract the values if the strings matched or not, but it certainly seems strange that they are ordered the way they are.

I have never worked with AutoIt before, so am proceeding very slowly with changes to the CubeitMod source, but the issue seems to be with KS, not Cubitmod. I did find that if I copied the 'missing' lines listed above into the KS output that CubeitMod correctly outputs the M227 commands.
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Re: No de-string with 1.5 and 1.6

Postby pjr » 27 Mar 2018, 16:00

Two things

1. KISS has moved on; it seems that CubitMod has not. If you post-process then you need to ensure that the post processor understands the later KISS output, otherwise you are stuck with very old versions of KISS.

2. The current release of KISS is 1.62, which is the version that the vast majority of users are running. To expect help and support for an older version is not realistic simply because they are no longer in use.

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