Wider extrusino on first layer

Wider extrusino on first layer

Postby wesc » 20 Mar 2018, 15:46

An option to specify the width of the first layer (as a % of normal width). This is in Slic3r PE and Cura. It helps greatly with first layer adhesion and reduces print failures.
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Re: Wider extrusino on first layer

Postby pjr » 10 Apr 2018, 05:02

To be quite honest, I have never found a need for this.

When you have Live Z and bed temp set correctly, the part just sticks. Probably because of the lower first layer speed.

Also when you start playing about with extrusion widths on some layers, the outcome may be lower adhesion due to less volume of extruded material.

When designing parts, I usually take extrusion width into account, so (for example) I make the walls 2mm wide. This allows for 5 x 0.4mm lines to be printed. If I set first layer extrusion to +20% (or most other values), I would most likely get gaps in the bottom of the wall with only 4 (or maybe 3) lines being printed.

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