Bed placement with multiple objects

Bed placement with multiple objects

Postby Msquare » 09 Jan 2015, 17:51

This feature was requested as part of another thread, so I am just putting it in its own thread here. Besides, I miss it, want it, need it.

I notice that with a single part, I can move it around the bed. (Personal sideissue:There is the minor problem that movement is limited by the "square outline" of the part, as opposed to its actual outline. That means that on my round bed (of my delta Spiderbot) the placement ofa round part is much limited (ie the part lies inside the square which is inside the round bed.))

For multiple parts, the "move" buttons only moves everything together. (For me the square/roundbed effectivly limts the movement - and I have tried changing the "Bed is round" tick mark - marginal difference) I can not arrange anything. Only autoplace. As mentioned by others, this also includes the support stuctures (pillar, particularily multiple extruder).

A fun bit is if I place two round parts on the bed. If I rotate one part - that bit works fine for indivdual parts by the way - then both parts find new positions :shock: . Rotate back, they also go to the original position. So the part placement algorithm is sensitive to the rotation, even though it does not change. I have used this, rotating my 3 round gears on the bed until I stumble on a combination where the placement is acceptable.

So - the feature request: The feature is only enabled in Expert mode. When a part is highlighted, then it can be moved with the movesliders. The autoplacement is disabled after the first move, until one presses the centre button. Illegal moves are permitted, enabling the placement of parts "on top of each other". This is a neccessary transient state when rearranging. It might also be reasonable where one can place a small part inside a ring as an example. The slicer might issue a warning before starting or when it detects crossing lines, or suchlike, of overlapping parts. Overlapping of the square outline is highly likely without being bad - f.eks. nestling of semi circles.

Whilst it would be real nice to be able to move the parts around with the mouse, I think it is sufficient if the movement is done with those slider buttons, and part selection is done in the right column. That should limit the programming effort.
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Re: Bed placement with multiple objects

Postby 0110-m-p » 09 Jan 2015, 22:38

+1 for this feature.

Thanks for creating this separate feature request.

-another delta user
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Re: Bed placement with multiple objects

Postby getSurreal » 26 Jan 2015, 11:45

+1 I would really like this feature.
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Re: Bed placement with multiple objects

Postby MLWorx » 08 Mar 2015, 03:54

Definitely would need this arrange feature too:
Since my printbed on one printer is just 140*140mm and I do print 3mm outline on each part (sticks very well then...) I ALWAYS have to arrange the stls with RepetierHost, pack it into a single stl and import it into Kisslicer :?
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Re: Bed placement with multiple objects

Postby n3rdglass » 06 Jan 2018, 18:45

any update on this feature request? it is difficult to arrange multiple models on the print bed without it.
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