more speed settings

more speed settings

Postby eprst » 14 Oct 2015, 03:07


Been using kisslicer for a while now, works better than anything else I've tried.
Main pain point for me is getting good first layer, especially if material has adhesion problems (PLA..), mostly affected are sharp corners and short paths.
Usually I end up either using raft=grid (which has sharp corners itself) or changing the flow and dramatically decreasing first layer speed which means very slow prints and manual tweaks during the print using smart controller.
I think this could be improved by:
- having separate speed settings for the first layer. 1st layer max speed is too coarse, it must be a full set of other speed settings, but only active during 1st layer
- having an option to reduce speed around corners.
I don't know if there's a good way to define corners though. Sharp turns are obvious. Turns having small radius are less obvious. Something like direction vector changes by more than X degrees within Y mm?
It would also be great to slow down for short extrusions on the first layer, like short supports or small holes; they constantly un-stick too. For example have a separate speed setting for paths < X mm in length.

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Re: more speed settings

Postby plexus » 21 Oct 2015, 02:14

Have you tried playing with acceleration?
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Re: more speed settings

Postby eprst » 23 Oct 2015, 21:23

No. Is it Printer->Speed->XY Accel?
I've set it to the same value as DEFAULT_ACCELERATION in my firmware (Marlin). How should I change it and why should it help?
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Re: more speed settings

Postby Davide Ardizzoia » 24 Oct 2015, 03:03

Accel speed setting is needed by KS to give better timing estimates.
To tweak your printer accel settings you must learn how to deal with its firmware settings... KS can't help with this.
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Re: more speed settings

Postby altugunal » 21 Jan 2017, 06:59

Thanks Jonathan for your program, at first I should say
I've been using the program for more than 2 years and I think its time for me to comment on some issues

I think for FDM dual/multiple extruders the killing issue is material bonding.
If it fails even for a small spot somethimes the whole print fails.

My suggestion is this
A print path must be aware of what it is printing on(or above).
If the layer beneath is formed from a different material (extruder) than current print material then for many cases it is time to slow down (at least I require that). The layer beneath may be formed of multiple materials. Then in this case considering the worst case the speed should go down. This we should talk about to clarify.

The second thing is for crowning paths which is above the other material , due to insufficient flow it is even harder to stick to the former layer. I suggest that this intelligent software should slow down more and should even reduce Z Gap distance between layers only for this small path print (Think of this as a plastic sheet that has a wrintings both at the upper and lower faces)

What do you think?
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