Prime after Destring?

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Prime after Destring?

Post by ImpulsiveJames » 11 Jun 2018, 19:45

Hi, I absolutely love the software!!!!

Is there a way to add an additional prime after destring/retract? I'm running a bowden setup and I don't think it forces the material out quite enough material after a retract. I believe the function exists in Slic3r, under retraction "Extra Length on Restart". I thought Kisslicer had a similar setting, but can't find it since the upgrade.



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Re: Prime after Destring?

Post by pjr » 12 Jun 2018, 04:03

No, there used to be separate destring push and suck options, but since Preload was introduced, there is only a single destring value.

Theoretically, if Preload is set correctly, destring value should be zero, but in practice, you still need a destring value to take up the slack in the hardware (I use 2.5mm for my Bowden MMU and 0.25mm for direct drive).

We may see a return of the separate values in V2, but we may not. I believe the theory is that both push and suck should be the same; if they are not, then you have a problem in your hardware.

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Re: Prime after Destring?

Post by McNugget6750 » 26 Jan 2021, 22:28

Hey Peter,

I agree with your thinking but would argue that... we are all having issues with our hardware in all the different ways since this is not industrial quality 3D printing, we're printing on machines that cost $400 and less and service them all by ourselves.

As you can see, my prints come out almost perfect for single parts right now. I made sure that there is zero gap within the nozzle assembly between the PTFE tube and the hardened steel nozzle itself. So there should be no additional friction in the extruder for suction and extruding.
However, looking at my seams right now... I really want to change the prime after retract setting. I guess I'll have to learn how to calibrate the PreloadVE [us] setting to get this fixed?
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