Tuning Wizards- 1.6.3 vs 2.0a

Tuning Wizards- 1.6.3 vs 2.0a

Postby sinned6915 » 28 Nov 2018, 21:36

The results of the Tuning Wizards are indeed different in 2.0a than in 1.6.3.

I thought I was going mad because I was getting junk for results with 2.0alpha. I have confirmed this with a couple of other users, they get the same results.

If you are having trouble with your wizards, do them in 1.6.3.

I will rerun my Flowrate and Preload cubes and post a pic later to replicate the results.
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Re: Tuning Wizards- 1.6.3 vs 2.0a

Postby pjr » 29 Nov 2018, 11:08

There have been a few changes between V1.6 and V2 but only with regard to Preload (as far as I am aware). Other things should not have changed, unless they were also affected by Preload.

There are also some other faults in V2 (alpha) which may cause issues such as stringing, which are currently being worked on.

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