Accuracy in slicer

Accuracy in slicer

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I have been trying to print a part that is about 100mm x 100mm x 25mm, I have an accuracy requirement of within 50 micron on the external dimensions of the part, slicing on Kisslicer I always found the part having tolerance of negative 0.2 to negative 0.3 mm on the part(99.7~99.8 mm) despite tweaking the steps per mm for multiple times. I was also able to make sure that the positional accuracy of machine was within the specified tolerances, further I tried slicing with Cura and got the same part within the required tolerances of 50 micron however thee finish of part as sliced on Cura wasn't as great as that on Kisslicer, now I would like to get the same part with the good finish of Kisslicer and the tolerance as mentioned; would really appreciate help on this issue.
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Re: Accuracy in slicer

Postby EddyMI3D » 30 Mar 2018, 12:45

In the PRO Version you can set the Oversampling Resolution
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