(NOW) SOLVED: Problem using variable layer heights

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Re: (NOT) SOLVED: Problem using variable layer heights

Post by bobstro » 13 Sep 2018, 14:58

hacker wrote:That's right, either get "official" answer or experiment, but I don't feel any pressing need to either demand answer or experiment so far ;-)
Aye, agreed. I decided to have some fun with experimentation to confirm my understanding of how this all works. I created a style supporting a range of layer heights for a 1.00mm nozzle ranging from 0.10mm to 0.80mm.


I printed a Benchy off for comparison:


Benchy on the left was printed using this profile with the 1.00mm nozzle, on the right printed with the same nozzle and a fixed 0.80mm layer height. I've got a lot of stringing that I can work on, but other than that, the detail was far better than I'd expect with a nozzle of this size. Print times went up dramatically, of course, from 24m for the fixed layers to 3h30m for the variable, but that's to be expected. I was pleased that KISSlicer worked as expected and I didn't have an problems with the print. The printer was well behaved, and I didn't run into any extruder issues. Only a few layers at the bottom and the top of the smokestack look anywhere near the maximum height on Benchy. I'm curious to see how this works with some larger functional parts with fillets next.

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