Sequence of Printing Multiple Parts

Sequence of Printing Multiple Parts

Postby inventabuild » 13 Feb 2016, 01:24

If I have three separate parts on the build platform is there a way to tell KISSlicer the order in which to print the parts? I'm working with the e3d cyclops hot end and would like to make my own extruder purge pillar so I can purge out the old color from the the hot end before printing the new color; hence I would like to tell KISSlicer to print the extruder purge pillar before going to print the part. How do I tell Kisslicer to print the purge pillar first?
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Re: Sequence of Printing Multiple Parts

Postby brasshopper » 11 Apr 2017, 22:39

Doesn't it print the parts in the order that they are loaded? I believe that when I have done a sequential print of multiple parts that it prints them in the order you loaded them - and sometimes I have not been able to get the parts printed in the order I want them to print no matter how much I spin parts and allow them to reposition. I wish it allowed drag and drop of individual models. But that is what I have seen from order.
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Re: Sequence of Printing Multiple Parts

Postby Olivier13 » 13 Apr 2017, 12:06

If you want pillar for each part (whatever they are), manually add your own-designed-pillar to the 3D model, then export to stl, then in KS/Extruder Map : Set "Priority" by mesh

In KS, you could try or combine the following feature :
- Sequential print
- Extruder Map : Set "Priority" by mesh
- Add part one by one + Extruder Map +/- sequential : choose mesh you want or not to be printed

Printer : A4v3 From 3ntr - 2 Extruders.
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